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Designed by Tealwash in consultation with the National Health Service (UK) specifically for use in the medical industry, the Prowash portable hand wash station is entirely self contained, holding 10 litres of fresh and 10 litres of wastewater in a container within so no plumbing is required. 

The Prowash has a specially programmed wash cycle for enhanced infection prevention - an extra rinse at the beginning of the wash cycle ensures hands are wet and soaped to their fullest and does not allow for rinsing until such time as proper technique can be adequately performed. 

Widely used across all Medical and Health service settings including Medical Centres, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Temporary Infection Control Stations, Temporary Medical Operations (Military/Emergency Services), Mobile Health Services, Home Care, Specialist Centres and much more!

The routine is simple, quick and very effective; ensuring proper hand wash technique is applied:

  1. Place hands in the bowl to trigger the sensor.
  2. The ProWash will then deliver a pre-lather water spray for 2 to 3 seconds with which to wet your hands.
  3. The sensor will continue flashing for the 20 seconds 'soaping time' whilst you apply and lather the liquid soap.
  4. Following this, the 10 second warm water rinse will begin, allowing for thorough soap and pathogen removal.
  5. Removing hands from the bowl allows the sensor to reset, ready for another wash.​

Total time wash time, approximately 35 seconds!

The light weight, self-contained, portable design allows strategic placement, ideal for encouraging and implementing pro-active hand washing strategies. 

The low pressure spray ensures effective water use and ideal hand coverage with no splashing.  The on-demand pump and hot water system means no unhygienic warm water is retained in the system and power is used only as required.  This combination of a timed wash cycle, hands free operation and an instantaneous hot water system translates to big savings on water and energy compared to traditional plumbing systems.  The all copper instantaneous water heater and zero retention of warm water means the Prowash effectively mitigates the risk of micro-organisms and legionella.

Important: Transplumb recommends you contact your local health authority prior to purchase to ensure compliance with regulations applicable to you. We are unable to offer refunds should your governing body deem our product unsuitable to your application.

Height (floor to top of sensor) 99cm.
Height (floor to bowl) 90cm.
Width (left to right) 33cm.
Depth (front to back) 40cm.
Weight 12kgs approx. (dry)

10 amp, 220/240 VAC power, 2000W (normal household powerpoint).

The body is fully moulded in Grey fleck high impact polyethylene.

The bowl is grey acrylic capped ABS.

Comes complete with 10 amp moulded plug.

TEALtainers securely retain waste water in a separate heavy duty LLDPE polythene bags.

Portable and self-contained sinks, hand wash stations and basins to meet industry regulations and for practical use.


Hot & Cold sinks, no plumbing required.

Self-contained and portable sinks, basins & hand wash stations.

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