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Stainless Steel Single Bowl Basin

Widely used across A broad range of industries and settings, the Variant Kit is our specialty system in an easy to install, DIY installation kit.

Popular amongst shopfitters - it is ideal for projects with limited access to mains plumbing and great for installation into pre-existing basin/cabinets setups and themed layout designs.

The Variant Kit offers flexibilty and creativity in its ability to be installed into almost any layout. The system is identical to that installed in our range of hand wash units such as the Medi Sink or Commercial Sink, offering practical, warm water hand washing capabilities at the point of need.

The unit is entirely self contained, hygienically holding 10 litres of fresh and 10 litres of waste water in its fresh and waste tanks - so no plumbing is required. It delivers a timed, 10 second, hot water rinse (40-45°C) - capable of 50 hand washes per filling of the 10 litre water tank. The system uses a hands free, infrared sensor for operation but also features a push button on the units power box to provide cold water flow if needed.

Important: Transplumb recommends you contact your local health authority prior to purchase to ensure compliance with regulations applicable to you. We are unable to offer refunds should your governing body deem our product unsuitable to your application.


1 x Variant Sink System Power Box (includes pump, instant hot water service and attached mounting bracket).
1 x Hands Free, Infrared Sensor.
2 x 10L Water Tanks (Labelled Fresh & Waste).
1 x Custom Designed System Tap.
(Our systems require a specialty tap setup, if you wish to use an alternative tap - please contact us before purchase)
Necessary hosing connections.
Instruction Manual and Mounting Guide
Disinfection Tablets


Please Download Manual PDF for a detailed spec sheet of information, including minimum cabinet/under-sink space requirements for installing the system. These requirements are based on practicality and space efficiency - your space requirements may differ. We recommended giving us a quick call if you have any queries.

Optional Basin Dimensions
Height (top to bottom) 14cm.
Width (left to right) 41cm.
Depth (front to back) 20cm.
Capacity 11.5 Litres

The Optional Hand Wash Bowl is a rectangular, full stainless steel basin that can be supplied with our kit if desired. Most customers use independently sourced or pre-existing basins and our kit is designed to be used with almost any cabinet/basin setup. Please see Product Page for reference to images.

10 amp, 220/240 VAC power, 2000W (normal household powerpoint).

The Variant Sink Kit​ System draws next to no power when it is idle, when it is activated, the in-built instantaneous hot water heater and pump operate (for approx 10 seconds) and draw a full 10 amps.

Comes fitted with a standard 2 metre power lead and moulded 10 amp plug.

The Variant Sink Kit comes with two separate water tanks, 1 x 10L fresh and 1 x 10L waste water.

The 10 litre capacity will provide up to 50 x ten second hot water hand washes (40°C degrees) per filling. More than enough for most work areas, spare containers are available for rapid changeover if needed though.

There is a cold water, continuous flow button mounted on the Heater unit.

The Variant Sink Kit System is designed to give a timed, temperature regulated rinse so as to reduce common errors in performing proper hand hygiene. For this reason the temperature is factory set to 40°C degrees Celsius and cannot be adjusted. Why 40°C degrees? Because warm water is more likely to encourage hand washing than cold water, it most regulations require it, and modern soaps work better with it. The unit has an automatic safety cut off so that water cannot become too hot.

Transplumb Water Technologies reserves the right to make changes in specification without prior notification.

Portable and self-contained sinks, hand wash stations and basins to meet industry regulations and for practical use.


Hot & Cold sinks, no plumbing required.

Self-contained and portable sinks, basins & hand wash stations.

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